Ten Most Dangerous Garage Tools You Should Be Careful Of

There are myriad of garage tools that can be dangerous if used improperly. Injuries are most likely to happen especially to those people who have zero knowledge of using such tools. That’s why it’s very important to read the manual first before operating such. In this article, we’re going to focus on the top ten most dangerous garage tools ever.

  1. Powered Saws
  2. Different types of powered saws are dangerous. Be it a small circular saw or a stationary table saw, their level of danger is exactly the same. These saws have blades that spin around 2500 rpm, which is fast enough to cut your limbs in a matter of seconds. To ensure safety, always wear proper gear and use factory guards and clamp materials rather than operating the machine by hand.

  3. Chainsaws
  4. Speaking of saws, chainsaws fall into a different category and have their own types of danger too. When operating one, make sure to turn it off if a person or any living thing is 10 foot near to your location. Also, never operate a chainsaw if you’re on a wobbly surface. Doing so will result in further damage later on that will look like you’re on a final destination movie.

  5. Nail Guns
  6. Just like real guns, a nail gun can easily embed a nail into a surface in just a second. When operating such, always disconnect the air hose after using. Don’t forget to wear safety gear too such as safety goggles and be mindful of the area you’re shooting in.

  7. Ladders
  8. Did you know? That ladders are the main reason why some accidents happen at home or in a workplace that occurs every year? They may look harmless to look at but the dangers they possess can lead to injuries. When using a ladder, don’t forget to tie it on something to prevent it from wobbling. Or better yet, using a step ladder is a much safer option. Don’t ever use ladders on uneven terrain or rocky areas as it may tumble down easily. Consider using a safety harness if you’re already above 10 feet off the ground.

  9. Power Drills
  10. There are three injuries that are caused by power drills. First is puncture wounds, second is wounds caused by loose clothing that’s caught by the drill, and lastly, other types of injuries such as electrocution from drilling into live wiring. Drills are made for single person use only. Operating it with both hands will likely cause major injuries if not handled carefully.

  11. Grinders
  12. Just like powered saws, grinders are more powerful that can even cut or shred a person to pieces in a matter of seconds. When operating grinders, always wear safety goggles and other safety clothing. Never ever you should bypass safety mechanisms when operating a bench grinder or the next thing you’ll see is a warm welcome inside the hospital.

  13. Using Other Tools for Different Purposes
  14. Each garage tools are designed with different purposes, and using them for anything else is a recipe for disaster. For example, using a screwdriver as a chisel will result in serious injuries. Only use the right tool for the job and only use it as the manufacturer intended.

  15. Air Compressors
  16. Just as you think that air compressors are safe, then that’s where you are wrong kiddo. Air compressors can be pretty dangerous especially those that are not properly maintained. Tank rupture is more likely to happen when an air compressor hasn’t been maintained for years. Other injuries include improperly connected brass connectors flying off due to the great force from the pressure inside the compressor.

  17. Axes
  18. Axes may look like a common tool that your grandpa used to cut those timber back then, but they are also pretty dangerous too. Before using an axe, make sure that the handle is properly fastened to the blade. It’s better to keep a 10-foot radius clear around the work area when using such.

  19. Utility Knife
  20. Utility knives have a razor sharp edge that can cut through any kinds of material, even your skin. So after using such, don’t forget to automatically sheat the blade to keep yourself away from harm. If you don’t, the next thing you’ll find is yourself running and panicking to find that first aid kit.

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